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New Proposed Post 1AM Nightlife Law - Blog Post 1

I first heard about this from a journalist on the smoking porch out the back of APT - now more and more people are talking about it but still only a few know. As I am someone who has come to New York with the full intent of falling all over it late at night, I'm going to start spending some time on this blog dedicated to the proposed law and what it's going to mean for New York and people's reactions.

The New York Night Life Association describes the law as:
"New York City's bars, clubs and lounges now have another fight on our hands in the form of legislation that will be introduced in early 2004 to require establishments that stay open past 1 AM, serve food or drink and play music to obtain a new "nightlife license". This new license, adding another level of governemnt bureaucracy, would be a mandatory license for over 1,000 establishments in NYC, instead of the 300 or so clubs that are now required to have a cabaret licnese. In addition, under this new proposal, your bar or club could be padlocked for 10 days, essentially closing your business, for simply receiving three violations of many different types (including sanitation and noise) within the course of two years. Furthermore, your nightlife license can be revoked for receiving as few as two other types of violations (including indictments, not convictions, for assaults) within the course of two years, and once your license is revoked, you can NEVER get it back!"

An extract from a blog post from The Taverners United For Fairness:
"What is most unfair about this whole thing is that if it weren't for the smoking ban the streets wouldn't be nearly as noisy. But the city won't hear that. They'd rather destroy NYC's nightlife rather than work out a solution that would make everyone happy. And believe me, there are solutions. But the people who run the city government don't care about that. They look at bars and clubs as havens for crime and drugs. "Buckets of Blood " is what the Guiliani administration used to call them. Buckets of Bucks is more like it, the way our industry is taxed and regulated."

Commissioner of Consumer Affairs Gretchen Dykstra says, "This proposal promotes a lively nightlife without requiring a license to dance, and most importantly, it will improve the quality-of-life in neighborhoods and strengthen enforcement to effectively deal with poorly managed places." The bars and nightclubs will also have to make sure the streets outsides their establishments are "clean and free of unruly and noisy crowds.

Guy says: One of the arguments to curb the city's establishments licenses is the fact that people who smoke are making too much noise standing out in the street. So who put them there? And what do you think will happen when everyone is turfed out at 1am onto the streets? Ever been in a provincial market town at 11pm closing time in England? Everyone has a fight!

Have your say below - and check back regulary for more info.

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Dear Blogster
This law was designed to curb roudy behavior of the provincial "bridge & tunnel" crowd who come to NYC to do what they can't get awaty with at home - namely scream, yell, break bottles,piss and puke all over town.

Perhaps as a newbie to the NYC scene your hopes were high when you got here, but if you truly settle down in this town you will get the point....When the streets are out of control all hell breaks loose. It took us a long time to get here and we're not going back. 1AM Ho!

Posted by: dave | Apr 25, 2004 10:05:30 PM

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