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This article in the Onion reminded me of my previous comments about New Yorkers and the way they 'appreciate' their gigs:

Concert Ruined By Guy Enjoying Himself

"Froemer has a good time, to the dismay of concertgoers like Grant (inset). CHICAGO—Brian Grant, 24, reported that a rock concert he attended at the Empty Bottle Saturday was ruined by 35-year-old music fan Daryl Froemer's enthusiasm. 'I was trying to enjoy [New York-based rock group] Oneida, but it was totally impossible because [Froemer] was making a spectacle of himself,' Grant said. 'I couldn't even pay attention to the band. Halfway through the set, I had to leave. I go out to a bar to have a good time, and I can't because there's some jackass racing around in circles and waving his beer bottle in the air,' Grant added. 'I mean, he was even jumping up and down during the mid-tempo songs. Come on! It's not the '90s anymore. This isn't grunge.....'"

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