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Here's a basic run down on the bars I rate since I've been here. I was hoping to make it more in-depth but haven't find the time...


Cafe Doma (Greenwich Village) - Actually a coffee bar rather than a drinking den. A relaxed crowd of out of work actors and dreaming one-day entrepreneurs hang out over the iMac laptops making that coffee last an hour. Good are on the wall too. East end of Perry Street.

Angel Share (East Village) - I've only been once but cool Japanese jazz bar tucked behind crazy Asian fast food place in East Village. Worth an early evening drink there Details

Passer-By (Meatpacking) - cool bar with 70s lit-up style floor. Really hits its peak about 4am on Fridays and Saturdays when they shut the doors and turn up the sound. Details

APT (Meatpacking) - great looking two level bar. Sometimes has great nights, sometimes full of Japanese cool hunters, sometimes full of monied New Yorkers. Anonymous doorway but look for the line Details

Halcyon (Smith Street, Brooklyn) - just discovered this bar/cafe/record shop/ vintage furniture store in cool part of Brooklyn. Worth a visit day or night. If you visit at night - try Bar Tabac for food. Details

Old Town, (Union Sq-ish) - Great 111 year old boozer. Maybe for discerning tastes / people who like old gothic bars. Beautiful to me. Worth a pint just to see the place. Details

VON (East Village) - Hip and cool hang dark bar. Well worth starting an adventure around East Village from here. Details

Bar & Books (Meatpacking/West Village) - It's a bit up it's arse but this small cubby hole looks like a gents club, still has a smoking license and plays Bond films on the TV. Details

151 Decent dark and happening basement bar on rivington that packs out about midnight.

Pianos - The Lady recommends this but I can't remember what it's like

Bongo (Chelsea) - Seemed to be a good bar to go to with great Lobster rolls especially when you can;t get into the Coral nightclub around the corner at 2am. My memory of this place is a bit blurred but the Lady loves it. http://newyork.citysearch.com/

Cafe Noir (Soho) - Good stop during the day and night. Lady recommends the food too. Details

Southpaw (Park Slope, Brooklyn) - Good gig venue in trendy part of Brooklyn. Look out for what's going on there. Details

Ear One of the oldest pubs in the city - found on Spring St and Greenwich close to the river. Cosy, warm and good grub. Details


Tribeca Grand (Tribeca) - On a party night it rocks. Have been to my most 'New York' parties here. (May need guest list). Other night's it's still cool. http://tribeca-grand-hotel.

Maritime Hotel (Chelsea) - It's new, looks great and it's the bar of one of the hippest hotels apparently and in the summer I reckon it will be great. However, not too busy. Don't go out of your way. http://www.wguides.com/Details

Thom Bar (Soho) - The upstairs bar int he Thompson Hotel is a good stop by and I've been to some great nights there. http://www.worldsbestbars.com

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