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Giggling at the stories about the 1 inch of snow that came down on England on Wednesday night.

From Davo:
none of the roads gritted...the underground stopped...even the Victoria line
and that isn't even over ground! then they close the station at Oxford
Circus so many people waiting outside that they blocked the exits so the
people they wanted to clear from the station couldn't leave ..grid lock

then no buses on the way home for any route out of Finsbury park. And the
same this morning - 1 hr 45mins to get in and not a gritted road in sight.
Visions of people in Africa watching it on tv saying 'those poor people in
that third world country'...

From Mother:
It was a surprise as everybody seems to
have stopped work because of a bit of snow. I drove to Godstone to play
duplicate bridge and the roads were very quiet. Heaven knows what would
have happened if we had four inches of snow. The supermarkets sold out of
longlife milk and soup at the beginning of this week.

Huh? This is a pic of me walking on Hudson the morning after 9 inches of snow fell Tuesday night!

London Church

Note the sidewalks and street..... come on London, pull your socks up!

But on the other hand, don't these pictures make you want to take advantage of the BA sale and jump on a flight to London this afternoon.

London Church

London Church
Snow Business

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