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Wednesday night the Lady and I met Luna. Luna is beautiful.

Luna and John took us to a photographic show for Jeanette Beckmann* at 216 Lafayette. We entered and sound no-one there: John got the date wrong!! It's tomorrow. John was a little disappointed as he wanted to show off Luna and maybe find her a new home.

She was found on the streets and John (and his girlfiend) Alison have decided to give her shelter. She even had a chip in her neck and they found her previous address but the guy there didn;t want to know about her.

It makes you feel sad that people just abandon dogs when they feel like it. Luna is a wonderful pale husky who, as we walked her, showed she is now timid of people. Why, I dread to think.

John has started to take Luna up to the dog-park in Washington Square Park. The Lady and I didn't mind coming on the wrong night after meeting Luna. We walked with them to the park. Now, I don't know if I have said this before but Washington Park is the worst piece of open space I have come across so far in Manhattan and Brooklyn. It's OK to look at but there's always a dozen or so drug pushers and peddlers who on were hanging round the dog park. I wouldn't have walked through the place without Luna.

As John let Luna run around with a Great Dane he pointed to a triangle of field on the North West side of the park. He told me that he planned to come back later (to show off Luna again) because there was a sort-of secret dog walker society that came up arouund midnight to let their dogs have a run around the triangle area (where they're not supposed to). He said that the triangle used to be the dog-park but no more. In fact, in the North West point of the field used to be a tree from where they held public hangings in the past (I suppose like Tyburn Place by Marble Arch) and the triangle was where they buried the bodies. Times changed etc, and Washington Park became the designed park it is now (i'd guess) with it's dog park. But recently they had to move the dog-park from that triangle. Not because of the mess - but because the dogs had started to dig up the bones of New York's past underworld! Running around with an arm in their mouthes! (Makes you think: Maybe they can stick some of the drug peddlers in the ground there too?)

* If there's a pic that stands out for me it's Janette's show it's this: Paul Weller with Pete Townsend. Mod Generations.

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