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Maybe I just went too far. I'm just fed up with this crappy bar and the French tosser on the door. I'll post the response.

To: [email protected]
Re. Friday Night
Date: Monday 10th November 2003

Dear David,

I was a little disappointed on Friday when my guests from London were unable to eat at your restaurant. Having booked a booth for the quiet hour of 9pm a couple of days earlier when I was with Beth I was surprised that your 'host' refused to let us in until two of the girls who were coming would join us so that we had equal numbers. So we stood in the cold for 10 mins then he noticed one of our group had fashionable sneakers and it was all over and he refused to let us in.

I'm sure you are trying to make some sort of image for yourselves but if you won't let 10 fashion designers from London then I just wonder what sort of arseholes you want to attract there.

I don't want a response to this email. I doubt you really care about what happened. But you embarrassed me so I've made it my mission this week to go to every bar/nightlife review web site, every blog site and every magazine site and bad mouth your restaurant. I'm going to do this everyday at everysite I find until my reviews outnumber everyone else's put together. Then maybe a few more people (who you won't let in) will know what a bunch of arr*gant m*****f****** ars*holes you and your three partners really are.


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