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Saw a pretty impressive gig Tuesday night at Irving Plaza. Old Brit band called Spiritualized. Proper rock and roll band with a touch of Velvet Underground, Oasis's rockier parts and maybe the Verve. Got the crowd going which meant 99% did the usual and just stood there supping there first beers

When I emailed someone at the concert about all this lethargy she replied, ' i thought they rocked. new yorkers are too cool to jump and down, they are too busy feeling the music - but im with them on that note, its good just to take it all in....'


There were one or twoloons going crazy. I thought I'd impress the lady by popping down from the VIP section and rocking with them.

I approached on large blonde yeti of a man and gave him a nod. He gave me a cuddle then we started jumping up and down. He gave me his aviator glasses then he gave me his joint. Happy, I turned around to wave up at the Lady.

That's when I felt the jolt at the back of my next. It's the sort of jolt you know but never expect. The sort of jolt that makes you say ' what the fk', makes you foresee the grovelling that's about to occur and the manhandling you're about to receive.

When the Lady met me outside afterwards she told e she wasn't impressed: the sun glasses were too big to fit her.

whilst a few loons who were probably on acid spun out all over the place. Think the albums are smokers' music tho' but good show.

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