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Night in on my tod tonight as The Lady is with the girls at one of her friends on West 4th. To be honest I believe they could just put a camera in the corner and tape their conversations for half an hour each week and they'd have a bigger hit than Sex and the City.

Must write about finding work as I don't seam to do enough of it and it's why I write this blog thing. Work situation now becoming a little worry as I have now passed the half way stage of this trip but after several weeks of no meetings, at least things are moving. I had a telephone interview on Monday with a LA company called SnailMail and I have a telephone interview with another company tomorrow at 9am called Digit Impact. Hopefully it won't be a poke in the eye for me (boom, boom). Wish me luck!

I started the preparation for the interview today by going for a relaxing ride down to the end of the A subway line to Rockaway by the seaside. It's all part of my adventure to see every neighbourhood at the end of each subway line (no, not Merton or Brockhurst Hill). I'll put a greater description and pics later.

... Of course I chose the coldest and windiest day since May to amble up the beach on the south side of the peninsula. It was quiet and beautiful and I recommend it to anyone on a sunny Fall day - just me and a few fishermen. I tried to reach the end and kept saying to myself - it must be just round this bend, it would be silly not to go back now. 3 miles up a lone police officer stopped me, shivering (me not him) and asked what I was doing. He told me I was crazy - I had miles to go - and then drove off - didn't even offer me a lift to on the back of his bike.

Mental note - next time trust your memory of the accuracy of subway maps and bring a bicycle/ SUV.

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