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Thought Clint's film was an impressive whodunnit. Tim Robbins deserves a slap on the back for his performance. A little bit disappointed about the end - I just thought it should end after the amazing 'beach scene' - and there were a few holes in the plot filled ex-machine (e.g. oh the mute boy can speak after all!, that explains... um). Lawrence Fishburns character was a little one dimensional - I reckon that in the book there is only one detective so Lawrence is put in there to let us know the doubts of the main detective. Then he just disappears.

Ignore what I just said - go watch it just to spend and hour winding up your partner by saying, "I know who did it".

Or you could listen to the Lady's pop:"Why do I want to go to spend all that time seeing something sad, all about killing children."

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