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Got in a bit fight on Friday night with the Lady after some serious red wine drinking - beginning to wonder whether there is a connection with the stuff and red mist. If so - that won;t make me happy either: red wine is certainly in my top 40 drinks and I don't really want to stop drinking it now - but then again, went loopy so maybe I'll just turn to something easy, umm, like Gin....

So that took me to Philly with my tail between legs thingy.

The Lady actually went down to Phillly on Sat morning and I followed her Sunday
which allowed me to accidentally forget our woes and send off Steve Bonks with some other Brits and Irish in serious style. I actually think I made it close to 'blind drunk' stage. After a few in Von, an Irish bar, and Sweet and something I have no idea what happened after about 11am. Next thing I know it's 4.30am and I
have no money left and I don't know who my new friends are.

Woke up in panic to get a train on Sunday with the worst hangover - at 10.00 (couldn;t let the Lady down). Tore around the apartment drinking Vitamin Water and getting ready. As I was leaving my telephone alarm clock rings to say it'9.30! Fk - the clocks have gone back.

One hour back in bed - I don't recommend kiwi-banana flavour Vitamin Water with a hangover. It doesn't quite go down especially when you're horizontal.

Bought a hangover hot dog(!?) at NYC station but as the train was packed decided it would be rude to eat the smelly thing. As I get off the train at Philly I get on an escalator and expecting to see the Lady in the car park I open the hot dog bag and stuff the sausage in my mouth.

Of course as the escalator rises to the booking hall, the Lady is there glaring at
me with 2 inches of cold sausage hanging out of my mouth. She didn't want a
make up kiss for some reason ... - she looked at the hotdog bun in my hand and asked where the flowers had gone. Sht!

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