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After a very quiet week recovering from a cold and passing it on to the Lady to suffer we went out to dinner at the Lady's friends. On the way we dropped onto the 5th floor of the W Hotel on Broadway/Times Sq for an i-Tunes Windows launch part

I must say the party filled me with hope that the good times are on the way back. It was classic dot-com: based somewhere posh, fabulous free bar, lot of geeky people trying not to make eye contact, a couple of posters here and there and a few discreet flyers about the launch, no speech, no presentation, little networking, cliques, no idea who worked for iTunes.

As I was a blagger it allowed me to quaff anonymously without having to lie to a techie about a musical career. Perfect.

{RANT} ..about the posters they have made for the announcement. As you can imagine it's a pretty big step putting i-Tunes on Windows so they made the courageous step of putting on the middle of a blank poster a 'screengrab' of the software running on Windows with the title 'Hell just froze over' which I think refers to something Billy Gates said or Mr Jobs or whoever is the Apple guy. Is this their marketing concept? This must be such a huge business opportunity for Apple/i-Tunes and they imagine the mass market are going to get the in joke and be incontinence by a screengrab. I imagine that the big headed marketeers who launched iTunes thought we are so successful that we'll not splash out on any whizzy advertising agency concepts for this launch - word of mouth is sure to create sales this time round - (well NB - the success is down to the iPod design, not your marketing iTunes - and the iPod is fundamentally seen by the general PC using public as an Apple peripheral. How many people are you going to convince that it can now work for PC using this crap marketing campaign).
Yes, I now ask myself - why did I bother writing all this about a poster .... where's my Walkman for a bit of piece and quiet.

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