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Went to a Japanese Art Happening Tuesday night at some fashion boutique (Bond07) on Bond Street in Noho.

I had got myself invited by the tall blonde husky voiced Swedish manageress whilst I was traipsing around the shops after the Lady. The Lady was a little curious but I played it off saying that she must have seen something creative in me. She replied saying maybe it was that I looke like an unemployed ps-artist.

Anyway - Tuesday night: In good old fashioned NY style the party celebrated the galley opening of Rima Fujita's gallery opening - in Tokyo - it won't even be seen in the US! Was actually very good art and so were the exotic canapés: Weren't too sure what food was what but got some direction when the Lady screamed at me across the shopfloor as I tried to eat a pink colo(u)red lilly flower from one of the offered plates. The room just went silent. Luckily everyone turned towards her and I managed to finish the flower before anyone noticed. I didn't know - these Japanese, they will eat anything I thought.

Ended up in theoretically new trendy neighborhood they have curiously called Dumbo. i.e. derelict area beneath Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge squatted by 'artists' and was entertained by the graffiti: 'Welcome to scumbo'.

The restaurant, Pedros, was local in style: Imagine the sort of beach shack in Spain where you buy sandwiches and drinks for lunch when on your hols - then transport that cafe to a low rise block in Brooklyn with two black chaps sat outside playing loud tunes from the stereo system in their very shiny cars. In fact I LOVED IT and I ordered in Spanish! (The Lady was a little upset that I carried out twelve bottles of Negra Modelo instead of two.... misunderstandings, eh?)

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