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More people running along the river this morning. It's either a sign that people are back from vacation or that more people have been laid off...

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Went to a Japanese Art Happening Tuesday night at some fashion boutique (Bond07) on Bond Street in Noho.

I had got myself invited by the tall blonde husky voiced Swedish manageress whilst I was traipsing around the shops after the Lady. The Lady was a little curious but I played it off saying that she must have seen something creative in me. She replied saying maybe it was that I looke like an unemployed ps-artist.

Anyway - Tuesday night: In good old fashioned NY style the party celebrated the galley opening of Rima Fujita's gallery opening - in Tokyo - it won't even be seen in the US! Was actually very good art and so were the exotic canapés: Weren't too sure what food was what but got some direction when the Lady screamed at me across the shopfloor as I tried to eat a pink colo(u)red lilly flower from one of the offered plates. The room just went silent. Luckily everyone turned towards her and I managed to finish the flower before anyone noticed. I didn't know - these Japanese, they will eat anything I thought.

Ended up in theoretically new trendy neighborhood they have curiously called Dumbo. i.e. derelict area beneath Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge squatted by 'artists' and was entertained by the graffiti: 'Welcome to scumbo'.

The restaurant, Pedros, was local in style: Imagine the sort of beach shack in Spain where you buy sandwiches and drinks for lunch when on your hols - then transport that cafe to a low rise block in Brooklyn with two black chaps sat outside playing loud tunes from the stereo system in their very shiny cars. In fact I LOVED IT and I ordered in Spanish! (The Lady was a little upset that I carried out twelve bottles of Negra Modelo instead of two.... misunderstandings, eh?)

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Must look for job.

That's why I am here.

Isn't it?

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So saw 28 Days Later at the flicks on Thursday which is blimmin' outstanding esp for British cinema. I of course chuckled all the way through whilst the audience screamed (I got told off for that) - esp enjoyed the squaddies swearing c*nt this c*nt that and the high point was where you heard them singing that 70 chip commercial song ' will it be mushrooms, (Indian accent) fired onion rings, you'll have to wait and see'

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Sitting here holding my stomach - bad night of indigestions after huge curry on Sunday evening. Somehow we trusted the local delivery place that they were holding fresh stock of meat and dairy products after the black out....

Fame, at last: Got filmed in a bar last night by the BBC doing some special on the anti-smoking ban. Didn't say anything just smoked about 8 cigarettes in a space of 5 mins and looked like I was enjoying it.

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My blackout experience made me reminisce about Europe. It all started about 4pm with everybody walking home smiling whilst trying to hide the fact that they were fearing the worst, later I was reminded me of a summer's evening in Dean Street: hundreds of people, including me, daring to drink outside bars (which is a no-no) whilst having a fag (of course, we didn't dare smoke IN the bars). The late evening was a bit like a French campsite - super dark, people walking around with torches, cooking by candlelight off a single gas hob, hippy types playing drums in the squares, people wondering the Hudson River promenade with Belgian beer bottles and muscle bound boys playing in the bushes. The following morning felt like a day-trip to the continent: people moping around a strange town not too sure what to do, all the shops closed apart from one deli which was dark, damp, overpriced and selling a poor imitation of coffee (which ran out just after I had my cup). The afternoon was kinda like a Sunday in Hyde Park - lots of people still with little idea of what to do with themselves sweating it out under the basking sun - and of course going a nice shade of lobster red. If the power goes out again I'm sure the glow from my back could illuminate the whole of New York City!

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Went out with Stephan Bonks and a few other Brits. Some inventor of Detroit House music or something played in an over packed, over sober, over heated bar. At least it was cooler than outside. The Lady was naturally impressed when I returned three hours after I had suggested earlier by text.

The night before saw some indie kids swing guitars in North Six in Williamsburg. Cool hang out but these Yanks!!! I mean it's a gig and no one is really drinking (bar me, (not the Lady)). Where are the warm plastic pint glasses of pissed down lager, the piss-heads at the front over dancing to impress some dodgy bird and the bar should have been three deep - not a place I can casually rest my elbow and chat to the Lady's work colleagues about the state of UK music.

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Get a Pay-As-You-Go Virgin Mobile and put a NYC 917 cell number on your CV. There's a store on the south side of Union Square or go to www.virginmobileusa.com

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The world is wonderful finally:

a) Ate great meal on Wednesday
b) I've got an interview (but its at the end of the train line in NJ)
c) the lady got me a ticket to see KISS and Aerosmith!!!!!!!

Also went to the Lizard Lounge on B and saw some chap play a few songs on his guitar. Gutted - missed the guys from Def Leppard playing an impromptu before. However:

d) Had great steak in Casimir - between 6 and 7

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Felt a little better but panicked about the lack of job opps. Discovered http://newyork.craigslist.org/ and also spammed a number of British firms over here.

Went to Supper on E2nd for dinner with a great couple. Food great! Pinot Grig was a bit poor - avoid.

One of the two meetings I had was with MediaPlonk - just a catch up. Someone's quit, someone's hired but they're still realy keen. Have to see the new boss in the next couple of weeks. Hurry up - I'm panicking.

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