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Two significant events: I got an interview! and I got drunk!

So there I was at MediaPlonk - a media/advertising agency on Maddison. A young lady who explained that she had been working every hour a god had given her since eight staff left en-masse six months ago. She wanted to know if I would be interested in looking after clients and a spot of new business. She actually understood most of everything I said (I'm realising the accent/speed of my dialog(ue) can be a barrier to the simplest of communication) and laughed when I told her that I really needed a job becuase I need decent Air Conditioning (the lady queried this and suggested she was being polite - she doesnt think the NYkers are going to get the humour). Aftr an hour still wasn;t too sure what the job was but hey, the interviewer said they'd consider 'sponsoring' my visa so told her I love her (Lady also thinks that this was a bit strong).

The company is called MediaPlonk as the media they plan and buy is so good it gets you drunk. Sounds perfect for me.

Spent the evening with fellow Brit Andrew. Andrew arrived at APT in Meatpackers looking like a 80s Cocaine Baron - dodgy chin beard, big hair and tropical shirt - now, I don't exactly look the typical NYker yet (but give me time, I just bought some large shorts from American Eagle and I'm blending in) - and I think the beard thing is a bit new to the residents here - for much of the evening they avoided us - we ended up in Pastis amazed at the sheer quantity of attention seekers clucking around. We walked in with our collars up just to add to the scene. The Lady joined us and we walked to somewhere Andrew could drink and smoke - Park. Let's just say that the Lady might not let us go there by ourselves again. After we came it filled with 18-20 year old girls mostly wearing tight white tops and short demin skirts. The girls started talking to Andrew immediatley as I hid behind the lady - I didn't want her to think I would ever go out without her and chat to someone. Anthony anyway got a slap for misunderstanding the printed word 'funk' on a girl's T Shirt. Trying to get-with-the-lingo he assumed it was something to do with her smell - she wasn't too happy.

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