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Weather was beautiful and showed the Lady the Hudson River Park walk way. She's lived near the river for four years and has never walked along it. They've done wonders - we met a few of the lady's friend near Battery Park and I got the lowdown on their love life and so on - as you do with NYC girls.

We then went round to dinner to Anna's and had a barbeque on her terrace. Again I was outnumbered 6 to 1 girls to boys and I had to listen to their latest romantic escapades. That didn;t bother me but then at the magic hour of nine I had to sit and watch a TV programme that seemed to echo everything that had been said by every American girl I had met that day: Sex and the City. At least there was a little bit of boob in it.

Tomorrow. Must get on with job hunt and finish writing that screenplay.


Saturday, we ventured to Philadelphia to see the Lady's family. As usual it was a treat - they fed me well and - being unable to understand my accent - left me to my devices. I suggested that I'd take their fluffy little white dog for a walk whilst the rest of them caught up. The park was ony ten minutes away by car and I was releived to see the sun out - I was all up for some fresh air after my first week in NYC.

The dog - I daren't even remember his name - had other ideas. As I pulled up he jumped from the window and fled, dodging the wheels of a grand SUV and then into a river bed. After a few shouts I gave chase past the sign that told me 'No Pets' - when I got to the river bed the dog splashed around and wagged its tale. It then stood still - I thought I had my chance to get hold of it when it fled again towards what i reckon it thought was a large white bird up the hill. The large white bird up the hill was actually a hand-glider that someone was using to train on. As I ran up the hill chasing the yapping dog, the glider drifted down the hill to the sound of the pilot's "Get the fk out of the way!"

I stopped and froze. Not at the potential accident but at the fact the fluffly little dog my lady and her family thought was so cute was actually jumping at quite a great height at the pilot. The second time it tried it caught the pilot's trousers and clung on until the pilot landed. As the pilot had lost the use of one leg he wasn't able to steady himslef and the whole tent-like structure collapsed around him.

I scampered back to the car and fortunately the dog did too - I probably looked like a big bird at that stage too.

Dogs are only for the city I suggest.


Frank Mountain - new British photographer to the stars and New York resident cancelled on me for Soho House NYC. I was more upset that I wasn't going to get a chance to hang on the hammocks around the pool on the roof than pick Frank's brain for some contacts to pester about finding work. Although Frank's brain has been pickled since the 80s when he was heavily involved with Kinki Gerlinki and the London club scene. At least it's always fun to hang out with him - he knows everyone and has a rotten story to tell about each and everyone. Next time.


After the interview with Mediaplonk the day before I decided to take it a little easy and met up with Anthony, the designer, and some of his workmates to see the Gotan Project up at Soundstage in Central Park.

Paris based tango-techno group rocked the multi-national mini-arena. In true French style we ignored the rules of waiting in line, skipped in near the front and found oursleves a nice seat at the front someone was saving for someone else (yes, I am ashamed now of my actions - but on the day it was a godsend acting a little 'continental'). The band played mainly beind a large screen onto which various video art was played. Lights also shone from behind the band to cast large shaddows across the screen.

We drank, we danced, we argued that they could not possible by French, we watched fat chaps tango with tall women and then at the end someone else's firework display started. All of New York must have been in love with the band.

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