NYC Restaurant210 West 10th West Village (& Bleeker) (212) 741-7971 - New simple food made nice restaurant. Great value. Small.

Try the Turkey Burger and the Pork Chop! Also smoky mac n cheese or corn-on-the cob.

Details, another review or see Leonardo Di Caprio ordering take out here.

UPDATE FEB 2ND!! So the ambience remains the same, but is the love for the food similar? We dunno anymore. We wouldn't quite say they've sold out but we would say that the only reason to go to Westville would be for the turkey burger. It really is the best in town. Promise.

UPDATE SEPT 12th 05!! I'm sorry to say that this place looks like it's being run into the ground. The place is dirty. It's due for a good clean up. Order the turkey burger as take out.

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The Stanton Social

Shak184199 Stanton Street, NY 10002 - 212 995 0099 - OK, so the Stanton Social is the look of things to come in Lower East Side. Sure, I imagine some of the old locals and the hipsters hate the place but there's no denying that LES is changing. Around the corner the Rivington Hotel now opened - it's tall glass structure juxtaposed against the tenement buildings.

If you're looking for a more upmarket bar in LES this is it. Go upstairs, and yes it's full of Upper East and West Side tourists and yes it don't have an 'edge' but at the same time it's buzzing, busy and a little more fun than Pianos ever was.

And as for the restaurant? Supposedly American/French/Japanese/Sushi/Thai. Take me there!

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Jplate1328 W12th St (c/o Greenwhich Ave) NY 10014 - 212 924 3413 - Despite living right next door to this place for almost a year, I had never taken the Lady to dine here. It all looks so very proper when you look through the window. So I got the chance to go when my parents came to town. Perfect location. Staff act like they're one big family. Good wine. Terrific food.

Nice English guy, Tony, with French upbringing makes sure the place is running perfectly whilst food is cooked by Maryann with love. Perfect place for an 'occasion' meal.


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Logo1565 3rd Ave (c/o 37th Street) 212 490 1558 - OK. So somehow you find yourself in Midtown around lunchtime and you're a little peckish. First recommendation woudl be to get out of Midtown, but if you can;t - get yourself some healthy lunch at Josie's. They call is 'concious cuisine'


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New Greenwich Ave Restaurants

Two new restaurants on Greenwich spotted by the Gothamist: Jones (Comfort American) and Matador (Spanish)

Jones: 41 Greenwhich Ave - 212 255 3606
Matador: 57 Greenwhich Ave - 212 691 0057

If anyone goes, please let us know what they're like!

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Hudson & Horatio - New styled bar for older styled people. Food chalked up ont he baords looks modern and relaxed (yet to try). Small cozy bar space too with slightly aloof bar staff.

Check Restaurant.com for discounts (via printable vouchers) at this restaurant.

Places to go before and after Bivio
Bar & Books - for a sip of wine and a smoke
APT for a lounge or a groove
Passer By for a trashy and tight boogie

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Red Cat

NYC Restaurant227 10th Ave., (Between 23rd & 24th Sts.), New York, NY 10011 A date place: Simply gorgeous food. Every bite - yummm!! And they gave us an extra starter as the lady couldn't make up her mind re. her order.

Red Cat Menu
Price range: $$$ ($30-45)

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