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Lower East Side Cafes & Tiny Restaurants

Gridskipper has a write up on three recommended tiny cafes and restaurants in the Lower East Side:

Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop: "The first of the small fries, Tiny’s caters to the sandwich crowd."

Little Giant: "The people who pay 8 bucks for lunch aren’t the same ones laying down 10 dollars for a watermelon salad or 23 for scallops & summer succotash, by far the best dish on the menu."

Teany’s: "It is amazing such a wet-noodle pop star as Moby could create a warm a place as Teany’s but that’s just what the gnome did."

The Little East Side - Gridskipper

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Those are definitly interesting eatery's. Another is mike's in williamsburg brooklyn. I'll be checking little giant it sounds great.

Posted by: fase | Jul 28, 2006 1:15:07 PM

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