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Bar Bossa

232 Elizabeth St (south of Houston) - 212 625 23450 - Man, with this new small restaurant they seemed to have nailed it. Lovely old-feel-tiled decor, great lighting, modern Brazilian theme, good cocktails, nice small bar to sit at, tightly packed tables with friendly diners.

Whoever opened Bar Bossa did some big planning.

The only problem is that it really is all to plan. So is the food, so to speak. The menu looks varied and lively but I'm afraid it's cook by numbers. The three Mexicans in the kitchen, bless 'em, just churn out plates as the plan directs. This place is just the manifestation of a business plan - there's no love for food here.

Saying that, check it out: come just for the bar and the cocktails.

Posted by Guy Brighton on May 14, 2005 in Brazilian, Nolita, Restaurant | Permalink


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I cannot but agree, the place is nice but the food is really not that special. And it's mostly italian food (which is fine but not brazilian)

Posted by: alq | Jul 19, 2005 11:21:37 PM

I've been once. The atmosphere was above average for a small place banking on charm.

As for the food on my one trip, the eggplant polenta was not only very, very tasty, but unlike anything I've gotten elsewhere in the Nolita/Soho/LES area places I frequent.

The wine I got wasn't top notch 'intoteca selection, but it was fairly better than the average "house red" of other places in the area too.

Based on my one positive experience, I plan to go again. I'll no doubt try something different, so maybe that will side more with your assertion that the rest of the menu isn't so unique.

Posted by: | Sep 4, 2007 2:55:02 PM

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