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Happy Ending

Happyending2_1Happy Ending - 302 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002, (212) 334-9676

Gridskipper have an interesting post about new bar Happy Ending:

This former Chinatown massage parlor turned hip new lounge has converted the private massage rooms where happy endings were a nightly occurrence into semi-private booths. The lounge’s website tells us the booths offer “just the right amount of privacy to engage in a little intimacy…” But rumor has it there is more than a little intimacy to be had at Happy Endings, it’s just a bit more rare than in the old days.

If anyone gets down there before me (and believe me, I'm rushing), please leave a comment about it on this site.

Happy Ending Site

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Was there last night for the Interpol afterparty. The place is designed well, and surprisingly those Russian Mob bathrooms work well. There's a first floor and a basement. Atmosphere is dark but not depressing, aside from that... I'd go back. btw, Interpol kicked ass at Radio City Music Hall--- even though the audience was pretty lathargic, but that's the venue I guess... Blonde Redhead was in tiptop form also, wish they got to play more.

Posted by: | Mar 3, 2005 7:19:14 PM

A few friends and I swung by early one night to pre-game before another party. The drinks there were priced ok - around $10 for a strong lychee martini. The place definitely has a cool design. Too bad those famous shower stall rooms (downstairs) were occupied already. They're worth taking a look at for a good chuckle. Also note the little spigots on the wall downstairs. Note also that the entrance doesn't look like a lounge at all! It's just a plain red awning with chinese words on it.

Posted by: | Apr 22, 2005 7:50:21 PM

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