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Book Review: New York Chronology

NYC BookThe New York Chronology from James Trager tells the story of how a remote trading outpost grew into what some might call the "world's capital". Year by year the book chronicles the key events of that year.

New york chronology_james tragerWhen I first looked at the book my first reaction is that I wasn't going to relate to it; that I'd find it difficult to emmerse myself in this huge volume (930 pages). But then I opened the book up at a random page and it sucked me in. The book mixes popular history (Gangs of New York stylee) with important socio-political moments that shaped the way the city is today. Every page brings a great nugget (which I intend to use next time I am with the guys in the pub). The book brings a flavour of the times and for someone who loves the city as I do - you begin to truly understand the background of some of the city's famous streets and neighbourhoods.

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