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Angel's Share

NYC Bar<2nd Floor, 8 Stuyvesant St, (9th St & 3rd Ave) 212 598 3041 - A hidden treat: a chilled, dark, Japanese jazz bar. As part of - a crazy idea that recreates the back streets of Tokyo - on the second floor of a building in East Village.

When you walk up the stairs you'll find yourself in a bustling neon and plastic recreation of two street restaurants (Yajirobei and Gyuya). Take a sharp left to the anonymous door in the wall and slip into another world.

Cool BarClassic bar with uniformed young Japanese staff and rules: no loud talking, no standing. Great martinis, decent cocktails, Japanese bar food and check out the East-meets-West 'fusion' artwork above the bar.

Guy's Diary posts about Angel's Share

Posted by Guy Brighton on March 9, 2004 in Bar, East Village | Permalink


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Posted by: boo boo | Apr 16, 2004 11:51:58 PM


Posted by: boo boo | Apr 16, 2004 11:52:30 PM


Posted by: boo boo | Apr 16, 2004 11:52:35 PM

I live in the East Village and agree with most of your reviews. However, ANGEL'S SHARE was an incredible let-down.

I went for the first time tonight, but wasn't told that only groups of 4 or less were welcome. They had no host/ess and nobody greeted us, so our group of 6 sat ourselves and were about to ask the bartender for a drink menu when approached by a waiter. "Can we have a menu?" "No groups more than 4," he said before turning his back on us. We told him 2 were leaving, so we would be 4. He said, "No. You ignored me when you walked in. You did not say hello. I will not serve you. Get out." He actually said, "GET OUT." Then he turned his back on us again. We apologized. We told him we meant no offense. We just didn't know we were supposed to wait to be seated. He steadfastly ignored us. We told the bartender how rude he had been. The bartender shrugged and ignored us. They made a group of well-dressed, sober, quiet New Yorkers (a writer, journalist, interior designer, film-maker, social-worker in town from Ghana, and an English teacher in town from China) feel small and unimportant. I don't care how great the drinks taste (in theory, because they refused to serve us), no bar with such a snobby, pretentious, rude attitude deserves to stay in business.

Please think twice before ever recommending this bar to your readers.

Thank you so much for your time, and for having such a great website.

Most sincerely,

Jennifer Costuros
Thirty Thirty Hotel

Posted by: Jenny | Jan 3, 2005 4:17:19 AM

To defend Angel Share there is a sign on the door that says no parties over four right before you leave the chinese resturant and enter the japanese bar. I have been going there for over four years and every time has been a perfect evening. For someone who works in the resturant/bar industry you sure did not respect the establishment. Its not TGI Fridays. They are not going to go out of there way to make you happy. They serve precision cocktails with fresh juices that cost over 10 dollars a pop, but it is a place where you act as guest in a japanese way. Wait to be told where you can sit. How many times have you cussed under your breath as a group of people walk into a bar/resturant wait five seconds and then go sit where ever they wish. (usually a dirty table too) There is a certain protocol especially in a place you have never visited.

NYC needs more places like Angel Share. There are plenty of TGI Fridays.

Posted by: josh | Jan 6, 2005 9:52:46 AM

The place is pretty cool...the bartenders were pretty stuck up at first but once they see you with $$$ and ordering your drinks in a civilized manner than the attitude became friendlier. Other than that, great variety of whiskeys.

Posted by: AzianBrewer | Apr 2, 2005 1:18:39 AM

I've been a parton of Angle's Share since 1999 and continue to be. It is a quiet, comfortable atmosphere for people who enjoy a good drink and conversation and the staff goes a long way to keep it that way. Some folks may be put off by the formality of the staff mistaking it for being "stuck up" but I find this to be a blessing.

Re: Jennifer Costuros' comments

Perhaps is some sort of elitist holdover for me, but frankly I think Ms. Costuros' hurt feelings were earned. Since the information regarding group size and other considerations are clearly posted both outside and inside the establishment this seems less like some rudeness on the workers at the bar then it does the shock of someone discovering that even though they're the manager at Thirty/Thirty they aren't the "Special, Special Snowflake" they think they are.

Posted by: Fitz | Apr 22, 2005 6:50:23 PM

Hello everyone, I am a senior bartender at Angel's share and I would like to share some news with all of you. My manager at Angel's share is opening up a new bar in May 2007 called B-Flat located in Tribeca. The address is 277 Church street. All the bartenders that work in Angel's share including myself, will be leaving Angel's Share and will be joining him in this new venture. If you love angel's share, you will love this new bar. Please pay us a visit if you are in the neighborhood. On behalf of all the bartenders working in Angel's Share, it has been a great pleasure serving all of you. Thank you.

Posted by: Winston | Apr 9, 2007 4:12:20 PM

For those who may be wondering what has happened to Angel's Share, it remains the best cocktail bar in NYC. The staff's professionalism is unmatched outside of Ginza, which is where most trained. The guys even have been licensed in Spain under tutelage of sherry masters. This is not a college bar and not a place to plan to chug beer and bother strangers for phone numbers. AS is the spot to go for an amazing night with great music and an unpretentious ambience. Better cocktails than the Peninsula or M+H and far less attitude.

Posted by: Alexander | May 14, 2008 1:08:31 AM

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