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APT (or Apartment)

NYC Bar<419 West 13th Street - If you can find the anonymous doorway (there's no sign - but often a queue/line) you'll find a great looking two-level bar. Sometimes it has great nights, sometimes it's full of Japanese cool hunters, sometimes full of 'hipsters', and sometimes it's full of drunk over-paid New Yorkers. Feb 18 '04

Update Summer 04: The summer's brought the crowds to the Meat Packing district and you'll find at weekends that this bar is probably unbearable at the moment.

Update Feb 12: A great night watching Norman Jay goes to show APT is a very decent venue, but maybe only one to visit when you know there's somethign special on. (We had to buy tickets - otherwise 'Guest List' looked horrific)

Places to go before APT
 Florent for a modern diner meal
Pastis for a bistro dinner
Ara on 9th for a fine wine
Soho House for a private smug little tipple

Places to go after APT
Passer By to raise your hands in the air and really finish yourself off

Guy's Diary Posts about APT

Sat 12th Feb : Norman Jay

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